Automatic Gearbox flushing for most makes and models of cars and light vans.

The transmission fluid is the life blood of any automatic gearbox. As well as its lubricating qualities, it also contains detergents to help keep the internals clean. The oil degrades with heat during normal use. When the transmission is fitted to a heavy car, or one used for towing, the heat is increased and therefore the oil breaks down more quickly. Although oil technology has helped to delay this, the oil will still become inefficient over a period of time or mileage. Common symptoms of this happening include slip, vibration and harsh gearchanges. It can also affect the torque converter performance, normally noticed by the rev. counter fluctuating when driving at a constant speed.

Most automatic gearbox manufacturers recommend that the oil is changed during the gearboxes life. ZF gearboxes, who supply gearboxes for many of Land Rover’s models state that an oil change should be carried at out at 60,000 miles or 8 years when the vehicle is heavily laden, subject to fast use or used for towing.

In order to minimise servicing costs, many vehicle manufacturers claim that either their gearboxes are sealed for life or extend the service period well beyond the manufacturers recommendations.

Land Rover state that, for the majority of their ZF equipped vehicles, the service interval is 150,000 miles or 10 years. By this time the oil is in very poor condition, with the vehicle exhibiting the symptoms listed above or suffering total failure, resulting in an expensive repair.

Draining the oil from the transmission only allows approximately 50% of the oil to be removed, the rest being trapped in the torque converter and valve block. The fresh oil is then contaminated by the old and the quality of the oil is instantly compromised.

Using our specialised automatic gearbox flushing equipment, 99% of the old oil is removed. A flushing agent is then introduced into the gearbox to remove contaminants and deposits left by the old oil. After this the gearbox is filled with the correct quantity of fresh oil. On many models we can also add an oil enhancer to further fortify the new oil. At your request we will keep a sample of the old contaminated oil for your inspection.

The result of this is normally very noticeable, although this does depend on the amount of wear already present in the gearbox.

On many vehicles flushing the gearbox can be less expensive than draining the oil on a service as it is less labour intensive.

Due to the cost of repairing or replacing a transmission, we recommend that a flush is carried out as a preventative measure every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, depending on the vehicle usage.

If you are unsure whether your vehicle would benefit from a gearbox flush, we offer a pre-arranged road test, where one of our technicians can assess your vehicle and advise you.

The cost of an automatic gearbox flush depends on the type and quantity of oil required but is normally between £200.00 and £400 plus VAT. Please phone our Service Department on 01284 767174 for a quote.