The demand for better vehicle comfort and handling in the past decade or so, has meant that the suspension of motor vehicles has become much more complex. Prior to this time, it was normal to only be able to carry out adjustments to the toe of the front wheels, commonly termed as ‘tracking’.

Nowadays, most modern vehicles have many more points of adjustment, enabling fine adjustments to be made to suspension and wheel angles. This provides the sharp handling of the modern motor car.

The downside of this is that these precise measurements are quite regularly thrown out of alignment by contact with kerbs, potholes etc. This misalignment not only causes the handling to suffer but also causes excessive wear on the tyres and increases fuel consumption. Over a period of time, the suspension bushes and joints will wear, which will also cause misalignment

The wheel alignment should also be checked and adjusted, if required, after the replacement of any steering or suspension component.At Mansfield 4×4 Ltd, we have invested in the latest 3D wheel alignment equipment, enabling us to carry out precise adjustment of all the steering and suspension angles to the manufacturer’s specification. We can carry out this service on all cars, light vans and 4×4’s.

As part of a service or after an MOT test, if requested, we will carry out a free alignment check on your vehicle. A print out of all the dimensions checked will be issued and our service advisors will discuss with you which, if any, adjustments are required to return the vehicle to the manufacturers setting. The average cost to realign a vehicle is £50.00, but is dependent on whether any worn components or seized bolts are found. As per our Company policy, no extra work will be carried out without consultation with the owner or nominated person.